Home Delivery **NEW**

We are very proud to announce our new HOME DELIVERY service for most of your medications, diets and flea/tick/heartworm preventatives!

These can be autoshipped to your door when you need them and YOU control the frequency! We will always strive to remain competitive with the "Big Box" online pharmacies, PLUS we offer full guarantee of anything purchased through our home delivery service, whereas the big box pharmacies will not offer any guarantees! And it's a great way to support your local business!

To order, just click on the VetSource link below or call our office. It's easy to do! Click on the shared email link we send and complete your online order! For those of you who do not like ordering online, we can take your credit/debit card info over the phone and process your order at that time, whatever is easiest for you.  We are here for you!

Click here to go to our Online Pharmacy