Training Tidbits

Here are some websites, videos or articles that we recommend for training, behavioral issues and socialization for your best friend.  

We use and recommend the clicker (which can be purchased at any pet store).  Clicker training has been well proven to be simple and effective for any dog of any age (well...not deaf dogs).  Get an inexpensive clicker and a pocket full of high-value tiny treats (tiny bits of chicken, cheese or pre-packaged clicker training treats from your favorite pet store).

If you have any sites you would like to see posted here, please email us with a link!


Clicker Training
....Karen Pryor clicker training series.  Help with a multitude of behavior problems through interactive clicker training and games.

Crate Training
Suszan Garret's "Crate Games", our favorite in crate training the fun way!


Nail trimming Ronchette's video on stress-free nail filing using a scratch board. There are also many, many video's on YouTube for scratch board training.

Pulling on leash