Feral Cat Program


*Our feral cat program is currently on hold due to the Covid 19 pandemic*

As a Community Service, we offer spaying and castrating (with donations) of Feral cats that are trapped within Yamhill County.

Due to abuse of the program, when you drop off a feral cat, a technician or veterinarian will come and carefully evaluate if the cat is truly feral vs a scared stray.  A feral cat, by definition, is a cat that as "reverted to feral" and lives in a truly wild state.  These feral cats are truly wild animals and cannot be handled. 

If we can touch, scratch, rub, pet or reach into the trap, we classify this as a stray cat which DOES NOT qualify for our feral cat program.  Also, any cat wearing any sort of collar or harness will be immediately disqualified from the program. The reason is these strays can potentially be rehabilitated and adopted whereas a truly feral cat cannot.

When bringing in a possible feral cat, please abide by the following;

1) Must come in a wire "live trap" that is in full working condition.  We do no accept potential ferals in crates, boxes, etc. We also "loan" traps out with a $100 FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit.  Stop by our clinic and a receptionist will happily assist you.

2) Understand we will evaluate the cat for being feral vs a stray and it may be disqualified from the program.

3) You must sign an agreement and release the cat exactly where you trapped it. (This is because there is almost always a territory for every cat, and once a cat leave that territory, another will take it's place, much like a "hotel" vacancy.  It serves little purpose to release it elsewhere.

4) A notch will be surgically cut into it's LEFT ear as to identify it as being altered if caught in the future and prevent unnecessary anesthesia.

5) Vaccination of feral cats is discouraged (because it's impossible to "booster" the vaccine).  

6) We do encourage viral testing (FeLV/FIV) to ensure your feral is not transmitting fatal diseases.  Please note that this is at your expense, and any positive cats will be humanely euthanized while under anesthesia. The charge for viral testing (SNAP test) is $52

7) If you elect any services beyond the spay/neutering/viral testing, this disqualifies the animal.  We simply cannot afford to use MAWS funds.  Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support of this wonderful community service.

*Our veterinarians and staff provide this service strictly on a donation basis.  Surgery is primarily performed by Dr. Schroeder.  We reserve the right to deny services if our staff feels there is dishonesty or if we are being taken advantage of or harrassed for our community service. 

This program is made possible by MAWS (McMinnville Animal Welfare Society), which is a 501c3 "Not for profit" organization.  MAWS operates strictly by public donations and does not receive government funding of any sort.